I’ve always been awful at sleeping. It’s something that has frustrated me for as long as I can remember, and something that probably hasn’t done my body any favours over the years.

I can remember as a little boy lying in bed just staring at the ceiling, hoping to eventually get tired. Annoyingly this wouldn’t happen easily, and I’d resort to playing Fifa 95 on my Sega Megadrive.

I remember my sister once telling me that it’s because I’m ‘young and so I think too much’. This gave me hope that by the age I am now I’d be able to jump into bed at a reasonable time and drift off happily and with no fuss.

If you can see the time of this post you’ll see it’s around 6.15am, I certainly wouldn’t consider this a reasonable time.

Even if I get three hours sleep tonight/this morning/whatever then I’ll still be up at this time tomorrow, not feeling tired, and feeling the same frustrations that little boy in Coventry did 13 years ago. Although this time it’s not a ceiling or a Sega I’m staring at, it’s my laptop.

I suppose it could be classed as a blessing; more time to achieve things, more time to do things with my life. But instead, I practically do nothing.

One of my flatmates asked me what I do whilst I’m up at this time (whilst absolutely no one else is) and I simply couldn’t answer him, although it’s probably Football Manager more than anything else.

And so, after watching a Dispatches documentary about the potential doom and gloom of David Cameron moving into Downing Street, I decided to write this blog, along with another one about Hendrix.

Screw it, I’m making my new year’s resolution now, and that’s to stop with the post 4am procrastination and get some god damn work done. Maybe…

P.S when you write down amnesia instead of insomnia you know it’s really not a good time to be writing. I’m off to do anything other than sleep. Good morning!


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