Well, it’s been confirmed: on thursday I shall be entering the already overcrowded and cliché world of being a Blackberry owner.

I always said that I wouldn’t be one of those owners and that there are too many features on them for most businesses, let alone a student slacker. But when your current LG’s screen decides it’d rather be blank and dead, it’s time to move on.

On a decidedly more morbid note, I’m really not feeling very well today. If you read my previous post you’ll see I was up until post 6am again, and my body can definitely feel that right now. My throat is being beaten up by this incessant and vicious cough/throat infection, and for some reason my eyes are stinging? I must be allergic to my home town city.

Oh well, maybe I can download an app on my Blackberry to cure my ails.


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