Ooft, retrieval!

I’ve found out that even if you accidentally close down your internet browser, Tumblr still saves your post. How lovely.

Retrieved from Sunday:

Today was an excellent day. I got to travel to the city of my dreams and watch a football game in the finest football stadium in Britain. Okay so it might not have been the FA Cup final, but a crowd of over 73,000 for two teams in the 3rd tier of English football is something to really saviour. 

Sporting Carlisle badges on our jackets, myself, my dad and my grandad looked up in amazement as we strolled down the famous Wembley Way, as a huge arch loomed over us with terrific empowerment.

My previous venture to the ground regarded an American Football game, and although obviously a great event, it was certainly no ‘Soccer’ match.

So finally, 19 years into my life, I was able to see a round ball kicked around the most famous of turfs, and although it ended in a quite embarrassing 4-1 defeat, it was still an excellent experience.

I must add that Carlisle aren’t my team, that place on my chest belongs to Coventry City, but my grandad’s allegiance with them means by default they’re my second team.

After having a swift half on the way back, I ventured into town to meet Jake, who was late as usual. Every time I come back home I say to myself ‘I’ve forgotten how bad this place is’, as I wandered around the city centre, looking down on groups of chavs and scumbags. It really is a miracle I haven’t been properly mugged here to be honest.

Fast forward to tuesday morning (2.17am) and I’m in bed listening to Blur, who are my favourite band at this current time; I’ve even got a B-Sides discography to prove it. 

Tomorrow won’t be nice, I’ve got to wake up early so the workmen can fix the boiler. The other downside to this is that there’ll be no hot water and I’ll have no access to the bathroom. 

If I create a cesspit in my garden trust me I’ll let you know.


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