and so…

I’m back on Tumblr.

I managed to fool myself that I was going to keep this blog going for years, creating a diary of events, feelings and musical obsessions there for everyone to see. Typically however, I ditched it as soon as my blog deadline was over, and it’s sat here ever since, like an abandoned dog on the side of a road.

But, I’m a bit bored right now and thought this might pass away a bit of time before I go out later.

Since my last post I’ve returned to Coventry, reunited with my undeniably horrific friends, and gone back to work. I’ve also picked up a bit of an addicted to Rose wine and the stupidly named ‘chillwave genre’.

As always, my music taste has been going around in circles recently, dropping off at hip-hop, folk, blues etc. But, there’s something about this new genre, one fronted by the likes of Wild Nothing, Washed Out and Toro Y Moi, that’s kept me hooked longer than usual. I think it’s the fact that whatever mood you’re in (apart from being aggressively coked up of course) you can always properly appreciate what you’re listening to, and the fact that every artist seems to be unwilling to generalise their music means that it all sounds different. 

My one and only claim to fame so far this summer is that we got a photo with Toro Y Moi outside the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, Birmingham. He was a truly lovely chap, and said he liked The Specials despite not knowing where Coventry is. Typical, but then again I don’t know many other artists from South Carolina… 


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