A thoroughly stunning day

So, on monday night I got to meet up with some sorely missed friends, meet some new ones, and see one of my favourite bands. Not bad at all.

The day started with waking up in a state of absolute inebriation. It was the kind of state that means you wake up feeling as though anything is possible and the world is your oyster. It’s a feeling that’s all too common to me, and I never ever get tired of it.

A bottle of vodka and some Christmas crackers later and we were in Manchester. After fighting the worryingly strong urge to get a tattoo to commemorate the day, we all met up and had a jolly ol’ time in a place called ‘The Pub’. Classic Manc wit, obviously…

We sauntered over to the Deaf Institute for a night of frolicking and fun, all quite pissed but all very much aware of the need to actually behave at gigs like this. If anyone knows this then it’s me and my awful record for being kicked out of places.

We spoke to Beach Fossils (the band we’d come to see) before the gig, telling them we were the Dirty Sparrows (as is custom with any gig these days) and after a really cool conversation with them, they even dedicated the whole set to us. I think we might have confessed to them that the band doesn’t actually exist, although I cannot be 100% sure. 

The set was absolutely incredible. There’s just certain bands who can really convert their recorded sound and make it sound to crisp and clear whilst on stage. Out of all the gigs I’ve been to it’d have to be The Strokes that’d take the accolade for being the best at doing so, but Beach Fossils really came close, and that’s saying something.

After the gig we all just got fucked, and that’s as far as I can really remember. 

There’s something really liberating about having days like this, and we’re going to do it all over again at the end of November for Beach House. Let’s just hope this time I don’t end up being sick round the back of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau…


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