Music nominations (written for FAUX magazine)

Music nominations (written for FAUX magazine)

Top 3 albums of 2010

Avi Buffalo – Avi Buffalo

This is an album that somehow manages to be heartfelt and brutal at the same time. It takes a lot for a band to include goose bump rendering songs on their debut album, especially when they’re all of such a young age, but Avi Buffalo somehow do it. It’s almost impossible not to become shamelessly obsessed with the album, repeatedly going back to it, as if there’s no other music in the world.

Warpaint – The Fool

It was an incredibly bold move for Warpaint to exclude every song from their impressive EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’ from their debut album, but it proves they already have an extensive and enviable collection of songs. Forget the ridiculous and superficial witch comparisons- just take in each song, unique as they are from each other, and be warm in the knowledge that you’re listening to one of the best debut albums of all time.

Beach Fossils – Beach Fossils

This year saw an abundance of indie bands from over the pond dominating the music blogosphere. A re-birth of surf rock may have sounded a bit silly not so long back, but here it is, and in all its glory. The album, based around effortlessly catchy guitar, hazy vocals and lo-fi drumming, goes to show how convincingly the Americans beat us this summer when it came to indie music.

Top 5 tracks of 2010

Zola Jesus – Night: On the surface it’s a downbeat and slow song, but it’s one that somehow gets your heart thumping.

Memoryhouse – To the Lighthouse:  A song that proves chill-wave doesn’t have to be boring nonsense- just close your eyes and take it in.

Avi Buffalo – Remember Last Time: An unbelievable crescendo that results in a ridiculously skin-tingling guitar solo.

 Avi Buffalo – Where’s Your Dirty Mind: The perfect follow on from the song above; it offers calm rather than franticness, but also manages to captivate every part of you.

Real Estate – Beach Comber: Soft vocals and chimy guitars that cut right through you, but in an impossibly nice way- you just can’t help but think of a gloriously sun-drenched day.

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