Life is made up of moments and events that define and change you, and i’m almost certain this trip to Barcelona is going to be one of them.

Far from the grind and the filth of Reading/Leeds, Glastonbury etc. Primavera is set in a nice piece of land in Spain’s second biggest city, land that over the new few days will not be trundled and fucked into the ground, but basked in sunshine. 

The festival actually starts at around 6pm, meaning that during the day we get the perks of what is effectively a holiday to Barcelona. You wouldn’t exactly want to go sightseeing in Reading would you? Unless, of course, you’re on the look out for Ricky Gervais’ childhood home…

There are a few big names, like Pulp, Belle and Sebastian, PJ Harvey, The Walkmen etc., but there’s an absolute pouring of small and generally brilliant bands as well, travelling in from all over the globe, such as Avi Buffalo, Suuns, Allfits and so on and so on. The actual list of bands playing is actually quite absurd. I remember seeing the line up months and months ago and thinking how great it was, before losing the name of the festival to the often forgetful and useless corridors of my mind. Gutted.

But, we managed, somehow, to sort out tickets and travel, and here I am, sitting in bed waiting to be picked up in about 3 and a half hours.

I’ve probably forgotten something and I’ll probably lose something, but this is going to be an absolutely unforgettable experience.

p.s. lads on tour lads on tour lads on tour yeeh etc.

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