This Is Stanley Odd

‘Mind Scottish Hip-Hop? Ya Dinnae!?’ 

Cultural crossovers in music are a tight-rope. Either you  get the balance just right and glide gracefully over multiple genres without putting a foot wrong (aw remember The Specials?) or you can clumsily plod across before prodding yourself in the eye with a glow-stick, fall into a gathered crowd and crush innocent bystanders with sheer oafishness (Jesus, remember Hadouken!?)


On paper, Stanley Odd should be in the later category ‘Scottish Hip-Hop you say?’ would be the snooty response from the Cultural Crossover Committee, before bashing down a big rubber stamp with the word ‘DENIED’ on it.

However, thankfully Stanley Odd fought against such snootiness because the result is more than just a novelty act; it’s understated, clever and a thistle-like grower.

Check out this performance with the Electric String Orchestra and then do some research for yourselves, ya lazy wee tykes.


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