Wireless Festival Announce 2013 Line-Up

We at the Raccoon have been to London’s Wireless Festival a few times, and from year to year it really can be a mixed bag.

In 2007 we were treated to The White Stripes and QOTSA, and last year gorged on The Horrors, Foals, The Hives and Pulp(!)

However, occasionally the headliners can be pretty weak, with Black Eyed Peas headlining the Friday slot in 2011…just what were they thinking?

So, what have the organisers dished up or this year? Drum roll please…


Well, it’s pretty strong, no doubting that, but is there enough variety there? It’s incredibly pop heavy, with no real guitar based bands on offer. Oh and if there’s even a¬†minuscule¬†chance of seeing Justin Timberlake’s and Jay Z’s cringeworthy car crash that is Suit and Tie then we will be staying miles clear.
Let us know what you think, but do remember that there will be loads more acts

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