JME – If You Don't Know


‘Some of us remember the days when Rinse FM had their MSN account’

Let’s face it, Grime music probably got as big as it was ever going to be in 2004, when it was blasted from the backseat of buses through tinny phone speakers.

Once the Dubstep producers muscled their way  in to fill that ‘gap in the market’ and then shook the hand of the devil by giving it away to  the world of Skrillex, PC adverts and middle-class kids who took it as their own, (“Hugh, wait for the drop in this one mate, it’s bloody sick!”) Grime artists were sidelined to making the equivalent of ‘party rap’ in order to still get their records played.

Thankfully, JME has seen the light and gone back to doing what he does best. Though never an obvious fit in the Grime community, preferring to hang about with Timmy Mallett than pursuing a dangerous image, JME has been making music for over a decade now and definitely has established himself as one of the most distinctive voices in the genre.

His new single ‘If You Don’t Know’ is honest, ballsy and as funny as ever. Check it out.


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