David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

I don’t know about you, but for us Bowie’s return to the forefront of music has been as unsurprising as it has spectacular.
I mean come on, as if anything released by this musical genius (and I reserve that term for only the worth) was going to be anything other than incredible.

We absolutely loved the romantic Where Are We Now, an ode to the sheer debauchery of his Berlin days, shared with a certain Mr Iggy Pop, and the utter catchiness of it meant it stayed swirling, beautifully so, in our heads for days.

But now Bowie has given us a bit of oomph in the form of The Stars (Are Out Tonight), and it really does feel like a genuine return to form from the great man.

The video for Where Are We Now was slightly weird, slightly unsettling and slightly confusing, but this latest effort plays out like a movie, typically arthouse-esque, starring Tilda Swinton who plays Bowie’s wife.

We are SO excited for the release of his new album, which has been produced by long standing collaborator Tony Visconti, and is due to land on March 11.

S3 S10

S11 S13




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