Late of the Pier

Remember them? Branded with the nu-rave tag quicker than you can say neon paint, LOTP released a fairly solid debut five years ago, before going on hiatus and maintaining a silence ever since. They have, however, just posted this slightly enigmatic message on their Facebook:

it’s been a long time.

very soon you will hear news of what we’ve been up to and where all our hands have been hiding. promise.

some of you may be aware we look after bands…
one of those bands release their very first single on wonderful splurged vinyl today.

It’s a very special day for a teenage band releasing your first bit of wax so please take a moment of your time to turn up your speakers to full volume, break your necks and fist your wallets into your computer screens.

much love

Do you still care about Late of the Pier? Is nu-rave ‘in’ again? Where are Shitdisco hiding?

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