Hectic Zeniths

We were pretty excited when this popped up in our submission box. 

Brooklyn-born Adam Prince lives his day to day life as a simple Maths teacher in Phillie. But his alter-ego is Hectic Zeniths, a producer who shakes a cocktail of vinyl samples, field recordings and his own studio abilities.

Hectic Zenith’s sound initially seems to be about passing along dreamily in the vein of DJ Shadow, with its hushed choral sounds and tranquil synths.

But that’s before sluggish vocals kick in and the whole thing takes on a more sinister edge, which is when things get pretty interesting.

The whole pace nearly comes to a complete halt and that’s where Prince can really play with his range of sounds. A beautiful bedroom symphony.

The title track ‘Type One Era’  from the upcoming release creeps along at a similar tempo and sways between major and minor, light and dark, the sincere and the sinister and is one of his first tracks which sees him collaborating a vocalist.

From these two tracks, we at The Raccoon are intrigued about future possibilities. So have a look for yourself.

“Type One Era”  is set for an April/May 2013 digital release and limited edition cassette release on Buddha Tapes. More information can be found at his website.


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