Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel

Today sees guest contributor Ben Scothern discuss his views on Azealia Banks’ new single Yung Rapunxel. Does he play safe on his debut post? Read on to find out…

I thought I’d write a review for my first piece for The Raccoon. By saying ‘first piece’, I am making the dangerous assumption that this article will be met with anything other than a ruffle of the hair and a “writing isn’t for everyone, champ” from the actual Raccoons who run this site. I might not ever be invited back.

Azealia Banks, she of the underplayed ‘212’ and the First Lady of Pointless Twitter Arguments has released the first single from her upcoming LP, Yung Rapunxel, two weeks early. The track is also called Yung Rapunxel, and it is also absolutely shambolic. It’s produced by ‘Lil Internet’, but in the first 5 seconds you could be forgiven for thinking it was the latest offering from Peep Show’s Jeremy and Super Hans.

A sinister-sounding Azealia enters the fray after 40 seconds of electro punishment and drops an assortment of words (I think they’re words) that are genuinely difficult to make out. She later reverts back to the exact same flow from ‘212’, which, although somewhat unimaginative, is marked improvement from the first half of the song. Helpfully, for those not fluent in utter lunacy, Banks posted the lyrics on her Tumblr, and after reading through them, the song makes even less sense than before. “Like, who is this bitch? Who was fooding this fish? Let ya hoof n’ it slip, I’ll swoop in and split.”

If this is anything to go by, radio play for ‘Yung Rapunxel’ will be at a premium.

Ben Scothern


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