Computer Chess @ SXSW

South by Southwest is currently happening, but you’re not bothered I suppose? No we’re not either. 

Now that lie filling in a thick slice of lie loaf is over, it’s time to start weeping that we’re not currently all in Austin, Cowboytown for a great festival of film and music.

This evening for instance, we could have all headed down to Trinity Street to see ‘Computer Chess’ by Andrew Bujalski; described on the site as followed:

‘In 1980 — back when the machines seemed clumsy and we seemed clever — an eccentric group of computer chess programmers gather at a hotel to discuss the state of artificial intelligence, and for a tournament pitting man and machine against one another.’

What about that for a different way to start your week?

However we’re not there and so it’s back to our provincial lives for now. But we can still pine over it like a far-away lover.

More information about the SXSW schedule can be found at their website.


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