Beautiful Photos of The xx on Tour

So what have you been doing for the past two weeks? The daily grind of going to work? Uni assignments? Signing on at the Job Centre and watching Charlie Brooker clips on YouTube at home?

If you’ve got an anxiety complex about how mundane your life has turned out, which let’s face it is not as extraordinary as what you imagined when you fourteen years old, then it might be best to give this collection of photos a miss.

Hannah Marshall was given the enviable chance to go around with The xx on their recent tour of America, which spanned nine different cities.

The black and white collection consists of off-time, where the band frolic around with animals and palm trees, and shots captured of the band on stage. Particular highlights include Romy standing in front of a wall with ‘i love you so much’ graffitied on it (I mean come on, how perfect is that?!) Oliver and her being all intimate and close, and the amount of fun they all seem to be having backstage. Heck, there are even a couple with Jamie smiling in!

It’s an undeniably beautiful collection of photos but seriously they’ll make your life seem SO bland in comparison. I’m going to go and watch EastEnders to cheer myself up.


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