Peace Stream New Album

Birmingham band Peace are one of the most exciting British guitar bands around at the moment, blending insanely catchy hooks with gorgeous tone. 

Their debut EP ‘Delicious’, which featured their most popular track to date, ‘Bloodshake’, only served to whet fans’ appetite to excruciating levels as they counted down the days of their album release, which will undoubtedly be one of the best indie rock albums of 2013.

They blew everyone away at last month’s NME Awards tour, upstaging the likes of Palma Violets and Miles Kane and now have ‘Conquer America’ ticked off their to-do list after an incredible performance at Texas’ super festival SXSW.

They’ve unselfishly chucked their debut album, titled ‘In Love’, onto the internet for us all to stream and bloody enjoy.

Here it is!

P.S don’t mention ‘B-Town’ to any of us here at The Raccoon, it really ruffles our fur.


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