Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn

Holy bloody shit, I thought this lot were nice!? Not long ago, when Sigur Rós announced that they would be losing a member and continuing as a three-piece, it was fair to assume they might take a while to work some new ideas and adjust to working with one less mind. Well, we were all wrong weren’t we? On 17 June, the now-trio will release a new album entitled Kveikur.


Below is the video for the first taste of material from the album, Brennisteinn. It’s certainly not what you’d expect. The ethereal, BBC documentary soundtracking band of the past are something entirely different here, as bass-heavy electronic throbs, crunching guitars and a strobe lit video display a heavier sound more akin to post-rock contemporaries such as Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky. It’s a huge departure from the patience and minimalism of last album, Valtari and is definitely a welcome change in direction. Maybe that whole losing a member thing has done them some good, we reckon so.

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