Man of Steel Viral Trailer

Holy Mother of Zod!

And any other bad Zod/God puns you wish to think of.

Yesterday saw the latest snippet of  Zack Snyder’s moody re-imagining of Superman being released and it was a fuzzy warning from General Zod, Supes’ fellow Kryptonian and evil antagonist of the rebooted franchise.

Zod’s demand, directed to us simple Earthlings, is to hand over the ol’ Man of Steel himself or face the conseuqeunces. Tough words, though I can’t  help but be reminded of Sky One’s daytime-tv show ‘UK Border Force’ or a UKIP party political broadcast by Michael Shannon’s ‘give up your illegals’ standpoint.

Seeing as this is the first time we’ve heard Shannon speak as Zod, it seems as though he has definitely found a voice for the role: domineering and threatening compared to the theatrical black leather campness of Terrence Stamp.

Terrence, burning Superman's beans with his lasers.

Terrence burning Superman’s beans with his lasers. Bastard.

Speaking as a Superman enthusiast, having watched all (and I mean ALL! even the awful one with Richard Pryor) of the Superman movies repeatedly throughout my teens, I had reservations about trying to take the Superman franchise down the dark and moody route ala. Batman. Call me a traditionalist but I like Clark to be ‘The Big Blue Boy Scout’ and therefore trying to make him troubled and misunderstood seemed a little like pandering to the Spiderman demographic (“Hey ! Superman’s just an outsider, kinda like me!”)

Superman should be the antithesis of Batman, just but naive. Not world-weary and angry. So there are pangs of worry when Snyder says he wants to take the character as dark as it can possibly go.

However, I will keep an open mind and hope that Man of Steel is an interesting new angle for the modern era.


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