Ex WU LYF Band Members Form New Band

Wu Lyf’s split last year was as acrimonious as it was vague, but the guitarist and bassist have formed a new band called Los Porcos.

The split came when frontman Ellery Roberts posted a YouTube video declaring ‘WU LYF is dead to me’, taking his bandmates by surprise.

Drummer Joe Manning told NME:

We all knew it wasn’t working. There’s no one explanation for it. There’s a million reasons that don’t amount to much more than it just didn’t work. No one is trying to cover anything up. If it doesn’t work it’s going to break eventually… None of us knew that [Roberts’ statement] was going to happen before we read it on the internet… There’s nothing cryptic in that message for me; it’s personal, and I don’t know why he had to do it like that.

Los Porcos have released a song via their SoundCloud titled ‘Do You Wanna Live?’. It’s a significantly less dense sound than the massively expansive WU LYF, with a funky guitar riff, falsettos wails and a searing guitar solo. Fans hoping for something closer to Dirt’ will be disappointed but we’re certainly excited to hear more!

Listen to ‘Do You Wanna Live?’ below:



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