Scroobius Pip 'The Beatdown'

Last week saw everyone’s favourite beardy weirdy make his presenting debut on XFM. 

The eccentric spoken word wizard Scroobius Pip premiered his new show ‘The Beatdown’ on 27th April and it does raise the question of how no one has thought to tap in to that treasure trove of knowledge before?

Although Pip has to squeeze in all that he wants to play into a meagre one-hour slot (for now) the content is a fairly expansive mix of contemporary, lesser known hip-hop, spoken word and rap history lessons. The personal highlight being a fantastic Killer Mike track that I was living, to my shame, ignorantly unaware of.

Stressing the fact that this is not ‘the Scroobius Pip show, this is The Beatdown’, Pip is  perhaps trying to make clear this is not a vehicle to push his own work, but just a good way to find something you didn’t know about before.

Have a listen below and start planning your facial hair growth.

The Beatdown with Scroobius Pip – Show 1 (27 April 2013) by Xfm Radio on Mixcloud


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