Interview: Laura Collins

A big leap right here! We present to you our first ever exclusive interview!

The Raccoon spoke to Laura Collins, an artist based in Chicago whose collages caught our eye. We discuss her work, putting her pieces together and other artists. Enjoy.


1. Hello Laura, we like your images. Tell us about yourself and where you’re from.

I’m an artist from Chicago with a background in painting, although I tend to specialize in collage works on paper.

2. How do you put your pieces together?

I keep my collage materials in binders, almost as you would a baseball card collection. I generally empty the contents I have collected and spread the images out all over the table. Through this process of mixing overlapping images, some of the combinations strike me as strange or provocative and this is how I choose which relationships are most effective.



3. Your work features lots of images cut and spliced that seem to strangely fit like a dysfunctional jigsaw. How do you decide which images to meld? 

I’ve noticed that I tend to assemble the pictures to share an unbroken seam that connects two otherwise disjointed images and creating waning moments where they appear as one. There is a tension between the images where they work together, yet constantly reject one another. It is my hope that this guides a cyclical involvement for the viewer.



4. Do you have a favourite piece? 

It is really difficult to choose a piece that I like above all the others, but I may have to go with “Trumpet.” At less than 6.5cm x 4cm the collage is much smaller than you may expect and I feel the fragile and delicate size matches its subject.



5. If you had to choose one artist/photographer who you think we should check out, who should it be? 

Lauren Brescia is another artist working out of Chicago. I find her cake sculptures to be really outlandish and in this way, equally as disorienting and engaging as my collages.

6. Can the people of Chi-town see your work anywhere? 

I have a few collages on view at SpaceWomb Gallery in New York this month, but nothing in Chicago right now – hopefully this summer.

7. Finally, how do you feel about raccoons? 

I like their masks.



You can find more of Laura’s work over her at website, which includes a pretty cool news section so you can keep up to date about her future projects.


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