Tame Impala – Prototype (Outkast Cover)

What a week, eh? First we had Daughter covering Daft Punk, then something about Boards of Canada doing something murky and enigmatic, then Kanye might or might not have said something about a new record (plainly announcing an album is so 2010, right?). It’s all gone a bit weird and now, Tame Impala have offered us their take on often-overlooked Outkast track Prototype, taken from 2003’s The Love Below. If you’re hard pressed to remember it, it’s the one with the strange alien video reminiscent of a soft-focus, 70s porno version of The Smurfs. Tame Impala’s cover is effortlessly cool, oozing with all the soul of the original without compromising their own psychedelic aesthetic. Perfect for the sun we’ve got going on at the moment, stream via YouTube below:

One response to “Tame Impala – Prototype (Outkast Cover)

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