The National Play Sorrow For Six Hours

Yep, they did it, they actually did it.

national 6 hours

Imagine doing any one thing for six hours. Sleeping is just about fine. Listening to music? I’m sure that’d be too much. Playing music on stage for one hour? No one ever does it. Playing one song for six hours? Get out, just get out.

Well The National actually play ‘Sorrow’ for six whole hours. No breaks, no other tracks intertwined, hardly any variations, just six hours of one incredibly sad song at their MoMa PS1 Sunday Sessions show.

As soon as the news broke of their plan opinions have been divided, ranging from the repulsed to the¬†unnecessarily excited. What do you think? We’re professionally impartial, we always are…

Watch below some of the clips:

Two hours in.

Let us know what you think…


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