Black Market Cinema

An exciting new film collective, currently based in Coventry, is starting up with six exciting projects in production. In the words of co-founder, James Root, Black Market Cinema “develops, produces and showcases high-quality and innovative content, supporting independent talent across an extensive range of media platforms. With six projects currently in production and a bountiful network of promising freelancers, Black Market Cinema aspires to achieve global exposure for their productions and artists, marking themselves as a fresh and exciting production company.”

On the evidence of Chrononaut, Black Market Cinema are giving the midlands film scene a kick up the arse. Directed by the other co-founder, Josh Kelly, it’s a moody sci-fi noir about the consequences of time travel, Chrononaut is an ambitious and thoughtful piece that combines existentialist themes, gripping narrative and dark cynicism rarely explored in contemporary film. Watch the trailer below:

James Root’s short, entitled Fawked, is the story of a firework prank gone wrong. A married couple going through a bit of a rough patch are forced to confront their issues in the wake of a pretty grizzly incident involving a firework. That’s all there is to be said on the plot, don’t want to go spoiling things. Shot in Lincolnshire, the quick-witted, darkly comic film will no doubt appeal to fans of Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers. Below is the poster, a trailer will be online in the near future.


James Root – punning ‘fucked’ since 2013.

For all the latest information regarding Black Market Cinema’s other releases, keep a keen eye on their Facebook page here.

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