The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

Sadhbh Deegan asked if she could talk about the upcoming Stone Roses documentary by Shane Meadows, we said ‘oh go on then’ and this is what she wrote for us:

The summer of 2012 brought with it the momentous resurrection of The Stone Roses with three massive shows in their home city of Manchester all of which sold out in 14 minutes. In an era of comebacks The Stone Roses were not lost. While many bands merely attracted their former audience it was soon evident that the Stones had also attracted the next generation into their following while they were quietly simmering away in their Manchester homes.

The Stone Roses’ major success had come with their debut album back in 1989, and swiftly became Brit-rock legends and an inspiration to following Northern musicians. But from then on the strong personalities in the band, lawsuits and pressure to produce a better follow up album brought about their end, with the resultant mediocre second album being the final nail in the coffin. Many will know of their most well-known songs such as She Bangs the Drums or Waterfall but not of the huge worldwide cult following the band has retained despite their 15 year sabbatical.

The job of documenting this comeback came to director Shane Meadows, (also of This is England fame) a self-confessed fan of the Stones since his youth. His love for the band is clear in his godlike yet gritty portrayal of Brown and the boys. His interviews with the younger and older fans endorse the emotional connection they hold with the band and the messages in their music. The lyrics, written during an economic downturn, especially in the north-east, include themes of unemployment and religion; giving their songs a social-realist aspect which people can still relate to. Brown is displayed, as always, as a charismatic yet arrogant figure that puts the Gallagher brothers to shame.

The film is co-produced by the band’s manager and may come across at times as a promotional project, but it still includes the harsh reality of the band’s largely self-inflicted decline. The trailer alone will make the mouth of any Stone Roses fan water and so I strongly recommend you check it out below. The first showing of the documentary will take place onThursday, May 30 at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. The band will be in attendance and there will also be a Q&A with director Shane Meadows for the lucky attendees. The premiere will also be broadcast live to 100 cinemas nationwide but will be on general release on June 5.

Release Date: 5 June (UK & Ireland)

Distributor: Picturehouse

Production Companies: Warp Films, Big Arty Productions

Producer: Mark Herbert

Director: Shane Meadows

Starring: Ian Brown, John Squire, Gary Mountfield, Alan Wren

Watch the trailer for Made of Stone here: 



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