Scottish Album of the Year Shortlist

What? No Krankies? Shut it down. I jest with you readers because we here at this blog are not that ignorant! Having personally made the leap from England to God’s Own Country a number of years ago I have learnt to keep the jokes down to the occasional jibe about Kenny Dalglish or battered Mars bars minimal. I have also learnt that Scotland has bags going on musically right now.

I’m not the first person to notice thankfully and the people at the Scottish Music Industry Association have created the Scottish Album of the Year award to honour and recognise the talent here and award them with a handsome commission to fund their future endeavours. Bloody nice that huh?

The original longlist has recently been dwindled down to a shortlist and there are some nominees you will be as familiar with as members of your own extended family (Django Django, Emili Sande, Calvin Harris), however there is a healthy amount of the shortlist that will hopefully receive more attention due to the nomination. Here are three which I wish to open your naive eyes to:

Stanley Odd:

‘Scottish Hip-Hop will never work!’ cried the naysayers, before having to eat their words in a lovely broth. Having mentioned the witty and talented Stanley Odd before here at The Raccoon it seemed only right to put them in this list of our favourite nominees. Their sound works more than it ever had any right to and for that they can only be admired.

Human Don’t Be Angry: 

A name concocted from the literal translation of the German version of board-game Frustration and a sound that echoes with subtle rhythmic patterns and mathematical beauty. This band should be a staple of any post-rock fanboy and are definitely one to keep an eye on.


Unfamiliar as I am with earlier work, apparently this a move to a more organic sounds for Edinburgh-based Meursault and with the following results, it’s a good thing they did. A beautiful folk sound tinged with just enough melancholy, Meursault’s ‘Something for the Weakened’ is an honest record without the ‘wink to the audience’ or ironic nod of other current folk bands. See your Mumford? Well, you can stick your Mumford.

The winners are to be announced on the 20th June, hopefully without large Dermot O’Leary style pauses and information of all the nominees can be found at the website. Check them out!


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