Stream: Zomby – With Love (Disc 1)

Ben Scothern has had a listen to the first half of Zomby’s new double album With Love, here is what he thinks of it.

with love

The first disc of Zomby’s new double album With Love is available to stream via Pitchfork’s wonderful Advance service. The masked omni-tweeter has been delicately leaking parts of this album, starting with the haunting ‘With Love’, followed by the mystical, thundering ‘Soliloquy’ and last week 4AD uploaded a With Love video, that contained snippets of several tracks from the album.

Zomby’s first offering, ‘Where Were U in ’92?’, produced with equipment from that very era, was an airhorn laden, pupil dilating bounce-fest, re-capturing the essence of the early 90’s jungle/garage/drum ‘n’ bass raves that Zomby reminisces about so frequently on Twitter. He then followed that up with 2011’s ‘Dedication’, a mournful, simmering collection that evoked the catalogue of emotions that come with loss.

With Love consists of a preposterous 33 tracks, and while the stream only contains 17 of those, it’s more than enough to get super excited by. The album promises to “collectively trace an arc through dance music’s history… moving invariably between dancefloor focus and darkened emotional introspection.” I’m excited, and if you’re not, you’re wrong.

Stream the first half of With Love here.


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