Listen: Jagwar Ma – Man I Need

What’s that we can smell? Sniff. Sniff. It smells like…90s revival. 

It’s in the air folks, gone are the days of slick backed hair, blazers and synth pop of this decade’s 80’s love in. Long live the return to the sound of the early 1990s. Quick! Go dig out your best Kappa tracksuit top and have your hair bleached an attractive shade ‘Gascoigne Euro 96’ blonde. Everybody will be doing it in a month or so.

Jagwar Ma seem to be at the forefront of the return to the ‘Madchester sound’. Despite being two lads from Sydney, they have honed that euphoric haze which harks back to the Happy Mondays and Spiritualized. Also if the NME are to believed (note: they’re not) then these guys are the saviors of the musical landscape, which is good to know. The Racoon jury is still out on that one however.

Their debut album ‘Howlin” is now available and you can listen to the single ‘Man I Need’ below, which might cheer you up on a Monday afternoon.


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