Interview: Horrors That You've Seen

We spoke to Graham Caldwell, lead singer of Edinburgh outfit Horrors That You’ve Seen about their newest EP, pop-up books and erm…spaghetti hoops. 

Hey Graham, your new EP is out this week, are you pretty excited?

Totally! We’ve put a huge amount of work in to this and we’re really proud of how it sounds. It’s a big change to our usual material and we’re really looking forward to everyones reactions when we release it. The packaging and art for both the tape and the 12″ looks amazing and we’re just as excited to see the final product as we are for everyone to hear it.

The general term associated with Horrors That You’ve Seen is ‘Hardcore’, is that something you have moved away from with this new record? 

Yeah, without a doubt. We use Hardcore as a foundation to the music we write and it partially inspires the lyrical content but the final product isn’t really a hardcore record. We never opted to stop writing Hardcore, it just kinda happened. We found ourselves enjoying playing the bigger slower riffs and the vocals naturally developed to be heavier to fit the style of the music. You could probably throw genres like Sludge, Doom and Stoner Rock at it, but to be completely honest it’s just heavy. We don’t specifically aim to sound like any genre, we just want to write big riffs that you can totally lose yourself in and just get high too.

Do you think the Edinburgh scene is overshadowed by things going on in Glasgow sometimes? 

There’s no comparison really! Edinburgh has good turn outs for bigger shows, but they are very irregular. Glasgow has a much more consistant stream of gigs, better turn outs, bigger bands, better venues, the list could go on really! We don’t want to shit on Edinburgh, it’s our hometown and we love playing there. We don’t feel Glasgow makes the Edinburgh scene completely insignificant, but the Glasgow scene definitely overshadows the Edinburgh scene.

 If you were to make a pop-up book of ‘a beginners guide to Hardcore’ who would be popping up in the first few pages? 

We would like to see the book have the Black Flag bars on the first page. The second page would be someone stage-diving and the third would be a claustrophobic decrepit venue with the band playing amongst the crowd. That’s what drew us to Hardcore, amazing music and the most intense, intimate live performances, and we think that’s all you need to start you off.


Where can people purchase your new EP? 

The digital version will be available on Bandcamp at both and  where you will also be able to pick up the tape/12″. You can also get physical copies from our Bigcartel page or from us at gigs.

We’ve opted to make the digital version “pay what you want” as we personally feel paying for digital music, which costs nothing to distribute, is a unfair on our fans, but it also gives our fans the chance to donate money if they feel like doing so. It worked out well with our album “Breaking Hearts” as we had some really generous donations as well as an overwhelming amount of downloads, so it’s something we’re always going to do.

Where can they see you play?

 You’ll usually find us playing The Banshee Labyrinth, but at the moment we have no shows booked, which feels horrible! We’ve been working hard on this new record so we haven’t had much spare time, but once we’re ready to release the physical copies we’ll get some release shows booked, most likely Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our plans for the end of the year are to travel to mainland Europe and we’re looking to play in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands as well as a couple of UK dates on the way down, so that’s really exciting.

What is the biggest horror that you’ve seen? Ours is ‘lemon party’.

There’s a gif which starts with a guys foreskin clipped together with a clothes peg. Once the peg is removed he peels his knob back to reveal a handful (dickful?) of spaghetti hoops, and it’s not just your average tin of spaghetti hoops, he’s gone for the variety that has sausages in it. So yeah, that was pretty horrible.

The new EP ‘Smokin, Skatin, Satan’ is available from Saturday 15th June for digital download and pre-orders. More information can be found on the band’s Facebook page.



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