Jackson and His Computer Band Returns

It seems that Mr. Fourgeaud has emerged from behind a desk of Apple Macs and Ableton and finally put a new album together. 

WARP238_Packshot_480It’s been an long ol’ wait for fans of one of the defining figures of the Frenchbeat movement. Jackson’s debut album Smash may not have been a chart-topping sensation but was a critically acclaimed cult-hit that went on to inspire many others of his fellow countrymen such as Justice, ¬†SebasiAn and Kavinsky. Although it would be silly to claim that he ‘invented’ the chop and change electro style in electro music, Smash definitely saw that sound pushed to a new abstract level, compared to the more lounge-style of precursors such as Air.

Since then Fourgeaud has been extensively DJ’ing around the world, resembling a Parisian Duke in varying degrees throughout. He has released the odd remix of other artists (odd being the key word) but some started to doubt whether Jackson would ever release another record of his own.

However after an eight year wait, Warp have announced that we can expect the new album Glow in September and, as is the now the norm, they have released a teaser trailer which in true Jackson style makes little to no sense. Enjoy!


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