Smith Westerns – Idol

So Smith Westerns are starting to release songs off their upcoming album, and the one thing we have to sit and ponder is just how does time pass so quickly?

Smith Westerns

It’s been a whole four (FOUR?!) years since they released their fantastic debut self-titled album, that’s the gap you get between Olympic games, it’s almost half a decade for crying out loud.

Anyway, the boys from Chicago are back with another new song off their upcoming album Soft Will. The breezy garage rock vibes remain intact but four years is always going to mature you in some way or another, and there’s now an extra clarity where there was once haze, and production is of a noticeably higher standard without making them sound unnaturally polished.

Soft Will is out on June 25 via Mom+Pop.

Listen to ‘Idol’, the latest song to be released from the band, and previously shared ‘3am Spiritual’ below.


3am Spiritual


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