Watch: The Wolf of Wall Street Official Trailer

Holy smokes! Does this look promising. 

Sunday saw the official release of the first trailer of The Wolf Of Wall Street; Scorsese’s first feature length film since Hugo and a return to a more adult world.The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a young flash New York city Stockbroker, who becomes involved with an FBI investigation into Wall Street corruption and the influence of the mob within the banking system.

As with any Marty Scorsese flick the cast list is too good to ignore, with the likes of the resurrected Matthew McConaughey continuing his pursuit to make you forget that you once considered him to be  Matthew Mahogany (wooden) and Jonah Hill whose recent embarkments into more serious roles have all been out-of-the-park successes.

As should have already been drilled into your brain since you were an infant, you should never judge a book by its cover and it’s probably best to extend that metaphor to not judging films by their trailer either. But…oh my Christ does this trailer grab your attention! The film looks sharp and funny with the just the right hint of Goodfellas’ sense of knowing, as well as some great scenes between DiCaprio and McConaughey. Not to mention the use of a track from the upcoming ‘Yeezus’ which will have you rocking about in your seat. It may be too early to get this excited, but for Scorsese enthusiasts it will be hard not to.

The Wolf of Wall Street is set to be in cinemas this year but is still without a release date. However, this teaser should have you waiting with anticipation. Watch it!


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