Form and Landscape: The real L.A Noire

We’re not just about knob gags and the odd jibe about Doncaster here at Raccoon towers and if we see something we think is really great, then we want to share that with you. 


That’s why we  think you should check out  ‘Form and Landscape: Southern California and the Los Angeles Basin, 1940-1990′; an online exhibition giving you a huge photographic history of how Los Angeles developed into the City of Angels you know today.

The project was put together by William Deverell and Greg Hise, who have scoured an archive  of over 70,000 images taken by employees of the Edison Electric company as they provided light and power to emerging city of L.A. The photos have been split into sets by key themes such as ‘Light’, ‘Domesticity’, ‘Labor’ and ‘Consumption’ and give a you an insight into the everyday lives of the people of a city mostly associated with the rich, famous and the sheen of Hollywood.


You can check out the project here. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re a sucker for some 50s culture and want a glimpse into the real world that inspired your favourite films and solve-em-up video games.

Note: Looking through whilst listening to some Sinatra is not necessary, but we do recommend it.


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