Stream: Maya Jane Coles – 'Comfort'

Got an iPhone or iPad? Got the internet? Got ears? Well, Maya Jane Coles and Clash Magazine have a present for you. You lucky things.


Since she exploded into electronic music fans’ lives in 2011 when her sublime Essential Mix was voted ‘Essential Mix of the Year’ by Radio 1 listeners, the ascension of Maya Jane Coles to the top of the house music hierarchy has been quiet, yet unstoppable. She found herself featuring in and/or winning countless ‘Best…’ lists from countless music publications, recording another Essential Mix, and firing out a stream of brilliant original productions and remixes.

She has teamed up with the brilliant Clash Magazine to offer anyone with an iPhone/iPad (the app isn’t available on Android/Windows at the moment) and common sense a chance to stream her forthcoming LP comfort, all for free. FREE. All you have to do is download the free ‘Clash Music’ app, and her very own issue will be available in the ‘library’ section, free of charge. Did you see how many times I used the word ‘free’ then? Absolutely none of that costs money. Except the iPhone/iPad. They’re quite expensive.

It’s a superb record in its own right, never mind for a debut LP. But don’t take our word for it, have a listen for yourself. Be quick though, the stream is only available until the 1st of July. ‘Comfort’ is released on 2nd July.

Listen to Maya’s 2011 ‘Essential Mix of the Year’ here, and her second mix here.

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