Stream: Nicholas Jaar Remixes 'Random Access Memories'

Minimal maestro Nicolas Jaar’s offshoot Darkside has remixed the biggest record of the year, and it’s pretty good.

Nicolas Jaar


I’m not sure what would convince anyone to try and remix what is undoubtedly the biggest album of 2013, but here we are. Darkside, the side-project of Jaar and Dave Harrington have added their own twist to Daft Punk’s uber-hyped 4th LP, ‘Random Access Memories’. There’s some really nice re-edits on there, particularly ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Touch’. They’ve gone under the moniker ‘Daftside’ for this particular project, and the whole remix album is available over on theirĀ soundcloud.*

*If you’re wearing headphones, make sure they’re not on full volume when you play ‘Contact’, because we’re not going to be held responsible for your eardrums turning into liquid.


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