Listen: Flash Bang Band – "If You're Driving"

Flash Bang Band, originally from Dorking, Surrey and now based in Brighton, first appeared on industry radar in 2011. Signed to At The Helm Records, ‘If You’re Driving’ is a cut from their upcoming album dropping this summer.

The haunting hammer-on riff drips with Telecaster reverb, mirroring the vocal giving an ethereal feel with atmospherics and minimalism. Personally, I was praying for a huge chorus…cut to footsteps..and a hooky “Don’t, Leave Me Here Alone, I’m Not As Cool On My Own”…and we’re off into a 3 piece exploiting the attack of which such a set-up afford including a shift in time signature, with added staccato bite seamless in transition.

The guitar is excellent throughout, Bernard Butler-esque rhythmic lead has that knowing when to play quality. For guitar nerds out there, refer to Peter Green, “Less is More” for further headucation. Flash Bang Band also have more tricks up their sleeve, a tasteful guitar solo, a full on psychedelic freak out before we drop back down to that Eno/Krautrock minimalism, to leave you feeling the journey is over. Go about your business world, eyes on the road “If You’re Driving.”

We all know now that YouTube is where the world goes to check out their music, generally speaking so it’s of special mention on the work of Tomo Ishii on viral duties. If you have a foot fetish or dig visuals adding atmosphere, this is a great example. Why? Well that’s up to you..

Also, check out the band’s Soundcloud here. 



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