MGMT Announce New Album

Do you want to hear MGMT’s new album?! Well you can’t. But in September you can! Rejoice!


Electro-pop duo and vowel-phobes MGMT are back! Back in September, that is. They’ve announced the release of their third album ‘MGMT’, on September 17th via Columbia Records. They recorded this album as a duo in New York (ooh, look at us, we’re MGMT, we go to New York), not with a full band like previous effort ‘Congratulations’.

A press release from the twosome stated that the album will come complete with something called ‘The Optimizer’ which “provides listeners of the album with a simultaneous aural and optical listening experience featuring video and CGI work”. Fancy. The album will consist of ten songs, and they’ve all got different names. Here they are:

01 Alien Days
02 Cool Song No 2
03 Mystery Disease
04 Introspection
05 Your Life Is a Lie
06 A Good Sadness
07 Astro-Mancy
08 I Love You to Death
09 Plenty Of Girls in the Sea
10 An Orphan of Fortune

Good names, right? Anyway, to keep you going until MGMT-day, you can listen to ‘Alien Days’ below:

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