Watch: Big Boi – The Thickets

Remember when you used to think that Andre 3000 was the real talent in Outkast? Hold on a minute while we guffaw with laughter about how stupid you were.

No it’s okay, everyone made the same mistake, as long as you rectify this and realise that Mr. Antwan Patton has been a solid presence on the Hip-Hop scene since both him and Andre took some time away from Outkast. Last year’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors was a beautiful curveball of a record, giving you the sharp-tongued lyrical flow and multi-layered references that you have come to expect but also offering collaborations with a Jools Holland-worthy mix of artists, from the midget-necklace adorned Ludacris to indie darlings Phantogram.

Anyway, Big Boi has released a video for the album opener ‘The Thickets’ which sees him recovering from a recent knee surgery but still looking ‘cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin’ a milshake in a snowstorm’ as he once put himself. Have a look below:


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