Raccoontroducing: Young Aviators

A new offering from renowned label Electric Honey Records, known as the home of Biffy Clyro, Belle & Sebastian and another famous band..Snow..P…you can fill in the blanks.

Young Aviators are a three piece band of Northern Irish descent now residing in Glasgow, officially the best crowd in the UK, not in a corny ‘that’s what all  musicians say’ way but something we know having gigged, partied and raved there till silly o’clock.

Our neighbours from the northern region of the Emerald Isle have rock n’ roll lineage; from The Undetones of Derry City,  to Bono and Skullie from pomp-rock irrelevance down south and back up to Ash on a more independent tip.  Also, considering the flux of the Glasgow music scene which is constantly ebbing and flowing under the weight of shifting sands, new trends and jean designs, you need to be of a special substance to pop your head above water.

Thankfully this band have taken the label’s backing and have combined the Scottish love and educated crowd feedback with their Nothern Irish roots and heritage. Ladies, gentrified sorts and pogo people, welcome to the first single ‘Forward Thinking’ – cue a heavy bass intro with matching guitar line and on point drums. We’re off on a Supergrass-esque hook heavy update with a four-to-the-floor chorus.  The songwriting is tight, well equipped and with real room for progression. “What’s my purpose? What’s my role?” asks the singer and a suitable answer would be to consolidate this excellent single with even more guitar driven garage ‘pop n’ roll’. Hopefully preventing anymore shite 90s band revivals, I mean f**kin’ Shed 7?

The album Self Help is out on 8th July and everything linkable you’ll find below…


(Check out for free download and footage of Club NME @ Koko )


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