Listen: Ghostpoet – 'Cold Win'

Moody, magnificent and majestic. We really can’t say enough nice things here about Ghostpoet. So we’re delighted to hear he has a new single out.


‘Cold Win’ is the latest track to be released from the album Some Say I So I Say Light¬†and it’s a perfect introduction for anyone who hasn’t picked up on this fine British talent just yet.

Glitchy drum beats and the churn of an organ line push the melody forward while Ghostpoet playfully speaks/slurs/sings over the top (anyone silly enough to mistake this a ‘rap’ record really isn’t listening hard enough). Lyrically it’s a dark theme but you never feel that the sound is melancholy, it’s just moody and real. ¬†The muted brass notes add a haunting quality to the chorus section, like a sinister spectral orchestra pit and by the three minute mark everything descends into a free-flowing jazz tinged mess. There are some raw trumpet notes to keep you on your toes, a possible nod to Radiohead’s ‘National Anthem’ or more likely a Charles Mingus moment from a man who clearly knows his music.

You should listen to the track below and go out and see him on tour, because not supporting the artists you enjoy is really silly.


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