Listen: King Krule – Easy Easy

August 24th sees the release of the much anticipated debut album from King Krule. The young London-based singer has teased with bits of material since his self-titled EP dropped two years ago now. 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will be released via True Panther and XL and promises to be a sparse, melodic affair based on the new track that’s just been shared from the album, Easy Easy. Krule’s voice effortlessly belies his age, with a deep powerful resonance that instantly makes you take notice on his first note. Listen below and, as is customary, have a gander at the track listing for the album.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon:

1 Easy Easy
2 Border Line
3 Has This Hit?
4 Foreign 2
5 Ceiling
6 Baby Blue
7 Cementality
8 A Lizard State
9 Will I Come
10 Ocean Bed
11 Neptune Estate
12 The Krockadile
13 Out Getting Ribs
14 Bathed in Grey


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