Listen: Rustie Remixes Bloc Party's 'Ratchet'

Hey, shut up, everyone. We’ve all heard ‘Ratchet’ by Bloc Party, right? But have you heard the Rustie remix? No, well then read on.

bloc party

Continuing his sterling output of recent months, Hudson Mohawke’s dad*, Rustie has gone and made another cracking remix. Taking all of Bloc Party’s hard work and just re-doing it (ungrateful), he’s added his trade-mark delirious synths and even some bongos. Are they bongos? They sound like them. Anyway, I tried not to nod my head or tap my foot to this, and it didn’t work. There’s a prize for the person who can resist having a little dance from about 2.14. The prize is the revelation that you’re a totally joyless individual.

Have a listen below, but be careful, for some reason ‘Payphone’ by Maroon 5 is considered a ‘related’ song and you don’t want to end up listening to that:

*Rustie is** really Hudson Mohawke’s dad.

**Isn’t, sorry. I meant ‘isn’t’.


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