Listen: Childish Gambino – Centipede

Remember a few weeks back when Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, announced that we would be cutting back on his acting for U.S sitcom Community? You don’t remember? Oh right well, basically he’s only going to be in the first five episodes of the upcoming 5th season of the show and that’s it. What on God’s green earth is Abed gonna do?! It’s all pretty devastating, maybe tears were shed somewhere, who knows.

Chin up though, he’s just unveiled a new track under his rapping moniker Childish Gambino, PHEW. It’s called Centipede and, after a sparse soulful opening, we are treated to what Gambino does best. Lavish instrumentation in the form of some grand piano as well as some trademark one liners and the notion that Glover is really wearing his heart on his sleeve. There’s a real sense of charisma flowing through the track, certainly one of Gambino’s most obvious strengths as, lyrically at least, he explores his own mentality and pours it out into his music. Very nice, very nice indeed. Listen to and download Centipede below and, if you like what you hear, head over to this extremely thorough fansite to get more of his stuff for free.


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