Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson x Fiona Apple – 'Hot Knife'

We like music, films and art here at Raccoon towers, so when by some quirk of fate all three of those thing combine in a four-minute video for our viewing pleasure, well we could not be happier!

One such incident of this comes in the form of the video for songsmith Fiona Apple’s ‘Hot Knife’, which is a minimal yet vocally layered track  that definitely stands on its own as an instantly likeable single. However, if you then add the cinematic might of Paul Thomas ‘I-drink-your-milkshake’ Anderson then you’re on to a winner.

Thomas Anderson has a background of directing music videos but has not done so for just over a decade, instead focusing on huge film masterpieces such as There Will Be Blood, The Master and putting Adam Sandler to good use in Punch-Drunk Love.

The video is predictably cinematic and has the PTA signature about it; beautifully shot without being overcomplicated. You should check out the video below, which sees Daniel Day-Lewis playing the part of Fiona Apple.

(note: that last bit isn’t true but you wouldn’t put it past him, would you?)


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