Listen: Mac DeMarco – Young Blood


Canadian solo artist Mac DeMarco has recently released a new track entitled Young Blood, sharing its title with the eighties film of the same name. In this numberDeMarco pays homage to the late Patrick Swayze, who starred in the aspirational, American dream-esque hockey flick. The 23 year old continues to fulfill the unequivocal slacker rock tag he’d earned in his first two records with another track of endearing and grainy DIY quality. Musically, it’s a bit off the wall, probably befitting of one of the grizzly bar scenes in Swayze’s later appearance in Roadhouse.

DeMarco himself describes it as a ”warped, slowed down song about Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe being hockey players”. Refreshingly, it’s another song devoid of emotional torment or unrequited love. DeMarco’s inclination to write a song about a hockey film and a deceased pin up film-star places him firmly on the fun end of the scale – his jovial and winsome approach to things set him aside from so many other musical creatives. Here, his impersonation of a sports commentator during the song’s interlude probably also contribute to his distinguishing style.

Below is a link to the Adult Swim website, the bizarre American programmers (currently releasing a singles series), who are hosting this freely downloadable track, along with the rest of the series thus far. Additionally, you can check out a stripped back acoustic video via the same link, where the perennial funny-man performs the track, far removed from the lo-fi baritone of its four-track (and probable bedroom) recording. Enjoy.


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