Raccoontroducing: Glass Gang

Today’s Raccoontroducing band are New York outfit Glass Gang. Prepare to completely and utterly fall for them.


‘Waves’, the band’s debut track, kicks off with a menacing Crystal Stilts guitar riff before swooning into a bed of distortion and delicate synths. If there’s one way to introduce yourself as a band then this is surely it, grabbing the tired shoegaze genre and putting their own spin on it with the aid of electronic influence and hip-hop beats.

Our notice fully taken, Glass Gang then released their second track ‘Time’, which again very much follows the same formula as ‘Waves’, though this time it’s more expansive with just that extra bit of space in which the song can breathe. The vocals, powerfully gentle or gently powerful, whichever you prefer, somehow manage to embed themselves into the slow chaos that’s unfolding behind them, whilst at the same time also maintaing a stranglehold.

Third song ‘The Fall’ is another leap forward, placing an emphasis on a catchy beat that props up the visceral guitar that sear without abandon.

We currently don’t know much about the trio, other than they clearly prefer to keep up the mystery by not disclosing any personal information about themselves. Another thing we know is that there’s a fourth single coming out in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out on here for that.

Listen to the three songs on Glass Gang’s SoundCloud below:



The Fall:


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