Listen: Active Child – 'She Cut Me'

Our graphic designer Mina Shahzad makes her Raccoon writing debut, informing you lucky folk out there about Active Child’s new track ‘She Cut Me’.


We haven’t had anything related to Active Child aka Pat Grossi since his debut album You Are All I See in 2011 (apart from Ellie Goulding’s cover of ‘Hanging On’ but really, who cares about that).

Well, we’ve just about been ‘hanging on’ until we heard the cut of his new track ‘She Cut Me’ which is a lead up to the release of his new EP R A P O R sometime later this year. This sneak preview is nothing short of exciting, and a grand introduction to an album that will surely give us all goose bumps. The tribalesque vocals teamed together with the signature Active Child sound along with let’s not forget, visuals from Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising, is just too much for us.

Watch the video to ‘She Cut Me’ below:


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