Watch: Arctic Monkeys – 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?'

Hands up: who here is excited for the upcoming Arctic Monkey’s album? Everyone who isn’t, you’re blocked.

We all know how utterly delicious AM’s previous effort “Do I Wanna Know?” is, like superbly delicious. It’s probably even better than The Enemy. And we know they’re certainly a band. The woozy, dreamy guitars and Alex Turner talking about spilling drinks on his settee. True romance. They do spoil us.

But wait! There’s even more! It turns out the new album has more than one song on it! The latest one to be bestowed upon us is another rhetorical question, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”. Another beautiful effort, with an offensively catchy chorus, and the video is pretty cool too. Alex gets right pissed up, decides to text a girl (like a million times, chill out mate) and walk to her house, staring at people and falling over along the way. The video takes a cruel twist at the end, though, as it emerges that the girl he is texting keeps her phone in an entirely different room to herself. Who does that? She’s bad news, pal, stay well clear.

Here’s the video, the one I just talked about:


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