Listen: Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Arcade Fire are BACK, and here’s the interactive video for their new single ‘Reflektor’.


James Murphy has been on production duties for their new album, out this October, which is also named Reflektor. The new track offers an intriguing glimpse into the potential sound of the new record. It has a disco-like feel to it and if it wasn’t for the vocals you’d probably never guess it was the work of the Canadian band.

It kicks off with a tribal thump and grooving bass line, and towards the end of the eight minute romp it almost sounds like a dancey stomp belonging to The Rapture. David Bowie, a long-time fan of the band who performed ‘Wake Up’ with them live, also performs on the track.

The video is about as revolutionary as it is mad, allowing the user to create all sorts of lighting effects and trippy visualisations before appearing, via webcam, in a cracked mirror.

Watch, and get involved, here.





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